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Why not every community be a great place for next girl to be born free? Most of global youth's next 3 billion jobs will come from collaborative action networking of sustainability goals-

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

briefing format for Belt Road Forum and World Record Jobs Creating Alumni

as i started to write chapters on the top 5 alumni networks of world record job creation, it became clear to me that they involve so much detail that each needs a briefing introduction - so people can choose if they want more

I am going to take the example of Belt Road Forum - China's cooperation invitation to peoples everywhere
IF POSSIBLE There are 2 parts to this knowledge exercise that I need your help on

PART A) Do you feel that these 7 questions (if answered in an exciting way) are important to introduce why being an alumni of Belt Road is so valuable. These questions come from 25 years of practicing how to charter huge innovation networking so there is a logic to them but would happily know which you think is most redundant or another question that has been missed

PART B) Then the harder exercise - how to answer the questions. I would welcome your critique on my first draft answers to Belt Road; its true i have cheated by adding an intro above the question

the 7 questions (briefing any world record jobs creation) 

1 What will world miss if this idea doesn’t massively flourish over decade when sustainability will be won or lost (flourish is jargon of nobel economist phelps at columbia who mentor's amy's and september's friend at china's top university tsinghua ying lowrey who scouts out students for jack ma and hosts )
2 Who founded the idea, who seconded the idea, what are their motivations for it flourishing
3 Who may be the enemies of this idea – what risks are there that will they try to stop its joyful development locally and globally
4 How can under 30s networks/apps make sure this idea values them and makes everyones livelihoods and lifelong skills better
5 What are some of the subtle collaboration/inter-cultural joys of this idea or that can connect with joys of other WRJCN (eg Jinping's Belt Road is designed to 100% inyterface with jack ma's digital liberation of SMEs and big data analysis small)

6 References including key diary points over next few years. NB where is latest paper charter of this idea (can it be in a wiki format); where can digital citizens -and syllabus certification - link it in. How can both learning and actions be open spaced around this idea

7 Anything else that is critical to finding out whether this idea is being networked transparently by the people who you may need to trust if you are to be an alumni of this idea and help translate it to the communities that most urgently concern us including the world's poorest girls
BELT ROAD FORUM -why 30 national leaders and UN/world bank thanked jinping for TURING POINT IN HISTORY

TIME SENSITIVE Intro to Belt Road as World Record Job Creating Network
There’s a particular reason for global youth to celebrate China’s Belt Road Forum. This is: the 20th century’s main cause of wars, terror and poverty has been the failure to distribute universal access to energy and world trade routes. In inviting every region to develop globalization 2.0 through cooperative mapping of Belt Road, it may not be suitable for China to boast this logic – better by far if every teacher and educational system does.

We recommend BRF as a missing 5th grade-up curriculum essential for the sustainability generation to evolve. Health and Happy societies generate strong economies not vice versa.  Worldwide, youth livelihoods need to be linked in out of every community to  celebrating why the 1000 times increase in investment in learning communications technologies (2016 versus 1946) is the most exciting time be among the half of the world’s populace aged under 30. See eg The Age of discovery and support reporters from 

Related purpose: –how do design places to get best of billion-person trust and local design of jobs specialities – its hard enough designing city for families of 25 million people to have thriving livelihoods- concepts like the EU planning 500 million people livelihoods are based in 1955 communications logics and are failing to open spaces regional development needs most


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Interview with founder of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist 

Q&A1:  BRF Belt Road Forum – other synonyms OBOR One Belt One Road – Road refers to history’s most famous world trade route – the silk road that connected civilizations East and West. World trade routes need to map connections between maritime (including where the world’s most productive ports are located) and overland (where civil engineers connect eg freight railways, pipelines..). Local cultures and friendships can be celebrated as locations of a new Belt are invested in - connections need be youthful and joyful to grow and grow eg science parks at border cities can be designed to prioritse cross-cultural research and celebrate diversity’s impacts.
China’s President Xi Jinping launched BRF framework in 2013 1 year into his 10 year presidency. Summer 2017 is his first chance to choose china's top 7 public servants - Belt is his already his legacy - rejuvenation of china around its half billion under 30s
1Q&A1.1 Beiing May 2017:  As leaders around the world engaged in testing this collaborative mapping, globalization 2.0 appears to be emerging around a 21st C development curriculum matching the 17 most urgent sustainability goals (UN report 2015). BRF banks eg Asia Infrastructure Investment banks are emerging- with annual public meetings (eg AIIB Korea June 2017)  BRF forums are now convened biannually after the success of the inaugural forum celebrated by the attendance of 29 nations leaders and three of the big multilateral institutions UN, World Bank, IMF. Published reports by each of these leaders are overwhelmingly positive- going as far in some cases to call this a turning point in history. Documentation (special thanks to China's CGTN) 30 leaders interviews on why they inaugurated globalization 2.0 beijing14 may.

In our era of unprecedented innovation (meriting spirit of exploration last seen around 1500 )  supported by universal mobile connectivity between peoples, its vital that no peoples get excluded from trade due to lack of basic infrastructure. New models of partnership in investment banking  urgently needed to celebrate the exponential and intergenerational investment   dynamics of open borders infrastructure and safe sustainability project networking

1.1 Unique features:
Everyone can benchmark social and economic impacts of each local addition to the worldwide Belt Road
Since the trading purpose of BRF investments connects two or more countries, libraries of win-win cases are available for worldwide reporting. With China now a world leader on climate and other sustainability investments, BRF regularly features in news on trade visits and summits between leaders. China is helping translate a transparent way of analyzing both investment purposes and auditing success and failures BRF enhances and is enhanced by understand digital trading innovations such as ecommerce and open education platforms.
2 BR was first presented by Jinping to China’s central Asia neighbors in 2013. Landlocked W China is up to 10 times ;poorer than East Coast superports, therefore designing an overland belt from West China all the way through to Europe  is a ;pivotal idea connected with Jinping’s decade of social inclusion and China rejuvenation. Soon most of the Eastern   Hemisphere and neighbours to China’s West could see positive tipping opportunities in Cooperating around Belt Forum. Even if North and South America, and Africa were outside the reach of the East’s Belt- Road, Development questions become
Why would these other hemispheres not want to benchmark with the world’s most promising infrastructure solutions
Given the Southern Hemispheres have become a big inward investment area in China since around 2000, how do best practice investment baking in the sustainability of these regions update from pre- to post- Road Belt consciousness as well as timely digital interventions
One of the first new types of bank Asian Infrastructure Investment bank invited partners from the world’s nations in every hemisphere. Whilst firstcomers were many of the Asean countries, UK became the first European supporter , and every continent is now included in the nearly 50 national partners of the AIIB
3 Enemies are likely to silo-professions/academics especially where sponsored by big bankers (and offshore corporate tax evaders) who profited most from old legacies and non-transparency eg funding dictators in southern hemisphere – NB this was (and in US congress still is) condoned by need to know (trickle down) bureaucrats of eg colonisation, the superpower era of conditional aid, ,,, It is notable how continents like Africa and Asia seldom found western investors in uniting railway between 2 or more countries let alone ocean to ocean railways. Metrics monopolies of professionals depend on preventing radical innovation. Also all the professionals who controlled 20th C silos of expertise are likely to block leapfrogging and blockchain opportunities from the bottom up. Old professionals also broadcast quarterly gain and often hide what risks they are compounding 
Under 30s:
How trade (and a place’s future for youth) depends on Belt is badly misunderstood by media, education and politicians in many countries. We recommend it should become a schools curriculum and regions around the world should be debating belt projects with as much attention as sustainability goals. For example many belt projects are being integrated with green designs a feature youth should be tracking
Everyone should copy China’s coupling of new belt investments with student exchanges and hubs designed to bring peoples together wherever a belt crosses nation boundaries. Additionally cases where the construction companies building the belt linkin corporate responsibility programs such as building adolescent girls schools (Myanmar case) should be celebrated by those who value brands.
Note that Belt analysis is related to supercity analysis which is a construct that youth have a lot to contribute to
Young people also make up the bulk of the world’s armies. Everywhere parents should be demanding more youth in peace corps and less on armed confrontation wherever BELT makes this new world possible
5 The cooperation language that China has used in introducing the world to Belt encourages positive media coverage and win-win searches. The Chinese stories that make Belt so natural to those who have researched the East,  need urgent translating into not just English language but to align western interpretation of cultures of civilization. Note World Bank Jim Kim as anthropologist with Jack Ma can be unique editors of this most sensitive reporting/mediation

 Bottom-up contributions to civilization and climate (ie nature’s self-organising and open pattern rules ch harrison owen) need to be celebrated through social communities and global villages – eg starting at Tokyo Olympics, why shouldn’t sports and fashion stars be appointed as Belt ambassadors particularly wherever their hometown features in Belt. BEST OR WORST OF TIMES: The message of the net decade needs to be these are the most exciting times to be alive- look for books etc that portray this – eg  The Age of Discovery just published by Oxford Dons as a grand tour of Rome and every civilisation it traded with
Belt meshes with the digital joys that people like Jack Ma bring to the world. Its critical that all 3 generations- youth. Parent, grand parents – celebrate human progress opportunities of the Belt.
6 Search Jinping for regular updates on Belt including how nations react to local Belt opportunities when he makes state visits. Almost all the delegates to Beijing Road Forum 2017 have started integrating Belt into their development policies. China’s view (that its media faithfully explore in line with Women Hold Up Half the Sky) is that globalisation must be a good thing but only if it maximises inclusion of SMEs and youth. Belt (Globalization 2.0) can be the happiness and freedom movement of our times. Opportunities to track that include Argentina G20 2018. 2nd Belt Forum Beijing 2019, Tokyo Olympics (Ma taken over main sponsor from Coke) 2020. Open Space (conflict resolution and community storytelling) Technology invented in Maryland 1984 but now best practiced in China has been described as helping up to 5000 people communities with a Taoist spirit and and empowerment of they can be the change. It could make every win-win country great again if Belt themed open spaces flourish.  Japan's zen curriculum might be fun to tour childrens world with...
7 to come

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