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Saturday, August 24, 2019

breaking aug 2019 -6 chosen ones feud in Biarritz

With the possible exception of singapore -thank you and alumni of lee kuan yew - there isnt a country or region in the world whose peoples should be happy with the lack of infrastructure that the legacy of fake media and short-term and warmongering politicians of the 20th c have brought us to in 2020

this might mot have been urgent if technology (Moores law) hadnt been multiplying 100 fold every decade since moon landing  1969- the tech connects all 8 billion livelihoods even as the national walled in polticians play games of trying to control the ;public rather than admit how little they understand the futures millennial will now need to transform if there are to be many generations of human sto come
if you care about your country we are happy to develop a basic quiz with you- if you are going to be involved in world trade then 90% is shipped- so do you have access to a superport and are your ports connected by rail to your cities and across any continent you may share with other nations

we are not interested in maddening trumpesque arguments about who sponsors (and so gets fisrt construction choice)  upgrading maps of world trade routes- thats a different issue- as long as it is done transparently world trade maps matter today ans much as new maps mattered in 1500 when the old world discovered the new world

sadly because of the late 20th C's cold war between america and russia between 1945 and which should have ended in 1988 - many of world's 200  nations remain in abject poverty today because american and russian bankers supported rival dictators facing off all round the globe- this made infrastructure worse

we cannot get to a world where sustainbility goals have any chanjce of happening if we cant see not just how trade is designed around ports and railways (connecting inland cities) but how access to mobile tech for life critical apps, energy, water, all sorts of natural flows are also to be designed smartly across continents if earth's climate is not to collapse
half the world is under 30- they could be encouraged to culturally celebrate each neighlor newly bridged rather than be left with old peoples borders causing refugee crises , burning rainforests,  failed nations, wherever youth whose opportunity to trade positively has been lost to terrorists ...

although eurasia ("silk" belt roads) continent with the most people on it including 2 out of 3 humans are asian- there are missing belt road north tpo south across the american continent- its is absolutely absurd that with only 2 borders to manage the usa has made such a mess of mapping north south america world trade routes

even more problematic for the whole world is those nations that face the arctic circle belt -this will probably determine whether we avoid the great meltdown- this dialogue space wont happen if the absurd 21st C american congress (that went to war with the wrong enemy in iraq, that let big bankers subprime the world, that cares so little about is people livelihoods that it can spend 4 years debatimg which is the greater liar the clintons or trump - )

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