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welcome to hubbing through dhaka baltimore glasgow beijing hk ny state singapore vienna dc .and wherever under 50s can humanise AI to end poverty and map where the most valuable goals humanity has ever served are celebrated in every minute od scolarship and perforiming communal good

norman macrae foundation - The Economist's sud-editor of ending poverty in post-colonial post-industrial world welcomes you to GAMES of : love AI and youth: roll on Industrial Revolution 4 -ref Year 48 Entrepreneurial Revolution started #TheEconomist 1972 14 May 2017 beijing hosts mapmakers summit - ONE BELT

Why not every community be a great place for next girl to be born free? Most of global youth's next 3 billion jobs will come from collaborative action networking of sustainability goals-

jargon: POP =Preferential Option Poor ie leapfrog with each of Moore's 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G

Monday, October 21, 2019

time for free trade (sdg economic zones)  of global islands - uk ireland japan singapore hong kong plus 50 small island developing states celebrated in bbc blue planet 2- as for continents free markets - natures view will be launched 7worlds one planet by bbc in a week

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