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Why not every community be a great place for next girl to be born free? Most of global youth's next 3 billion jobs will come from collaborative action networking of sustainability goals-

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Next 90 days -36 Quarters to 2030 SDGs

English language last sdg economic zones land in ireland?
Funds challenge set by Head of UN general assembl


Steve Forbes Interviews Jack Ma at Forbes Global CEO Conference

43:32NOW PL
xx5 there are rumors that china will beat facebook to launching a global digital currency - anyone know how we track this

4 gov of bank of japan speech this weekend on digital economies and sdgs

3 japan debriefs 400 national and multinational leaders over next 48 hours on futures emperor most wants to parter   twitter love japan 

2 next week britishbroadcastingcorp launches 60 years of david attenboroughs knowledge - in a series looking at sustainability of each of 7 continents - at geneva unctad preparations of the UNGA summit - brainstorming how to get a billion youth to mobilise one  action story (eg end fish being suffocated by plastic) per continent began last month

it appears to me that guterres is preparing various underground movements to go public next september - maybe i am tracking too many whistleblowing stories but

001 watch out for nigeria remapping africa- this years head of UNGA is Nigeria and jim kim seems to have gone silent as he works for african infrastructure investment group led by nigerians

002 when i asked untads head what has happened to research of 300 trillion dollar gap in funding sdgoals- he said a secret report of 7 financial wizards is expected before thanksgiving

003 the #digitalcooperation report that guterres once said would make student year 2018-2019 leap forward in understanding digital cooperation with practical editing by jack ma and melinda gates was pulled - guterres said it might resurface at 75th anniversary of UN 

004 new yorks bloomberg and schwarzman and schwab remain focused on sustainability depends on hubbing world and china more than any other tech and youth networks

005 it seems unlikely to that asia's most financially creative city hong kong and europe's barcelona will both leave the world stage as main hubs where youth can resolve sdg challenges- in particular ai in hong kong and singapore as well as tokyo is much more humanly advanced than other places as far as my searches show - i assume there are global scholar groups who understand this way beyond any birdered view of nations caan map 

006 i have got lost in asean events this year but expect thailand nov 2 may do leaps which chile cannot

007 girlsedu & sdgs empowerment leapfrog networks seem to have also gone undercover in part with ma and ma - any views anyone? washington dc THE GAMES
redesign value chains of superstar and fashion value chains: whatspp broadway groups +1 240 316 8157

English language last sdg economic zones land in ireland?

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