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Sunday, July 3, 2022

 Were you ever taught that 80% of world trade is by sea? And its integral to human sustainability to understand how the oceans and coastal belts fit together

Lets go back to the start of millenno=ium 2. Ove the next 500 yeras 2 main trading seasd emerged - 

the meditarrean of white europenas and africans and west asians (the old world's continets has a landbridge to the continents ); and the sea from japan passing what we now call korea and the north china coastline through to the river which shanghai connects and down which we find hangzhou- the city marco polo decsribed as the greaest market town in his time because it intersected tade from the china sea and a great inland canal up to beijing; through history tropical lands have not been the simplest for family to grow up in with humidity and diseases so arguably the greatest trading area of millennium 1 to 1.5 started at hangzhou and north up to jaapn; the bay is also quite complex

the dynamics of ocean world trace and oastale belts chnaged when europeans led bby portugal and spain who hired italian navigatiors started discoveing new worlds; the americas to the west and indeed that the west african coast could be transvered opening sea roiutes to asia as well as east africa and the gulf

two north se coastal belts soon enetred the picture; that dominated by british and french navies which raced to settle canag=da and notrh america; a north east bay shared by gernany poland russion nordica; these countries were not the main players in colonising the new world but the country we call germany has always had less energy than its superb engineers (indeed those of niegbors like autra hungary too) needed seeding what became endless battles between russdia, france and the german neighborhood 

so by 1776 atlatic natiosn dokinated world trade hut those who had settled in usa decalred indepenence from the Europenas who mled by britain and france raced to colonise africa and asia; what you might ask would happen to the pacific ocrean caostines which up to 2/3 humansd face by the time 2 world wards had been fought

my father was home schooled in british embassies up to 13 whem stalins moscw did not seem a good place to school; he was the boarded and found himself spending his last days a stenn as navigatior allied bomber command burma; surviving he was in last class mentoed by keynes, hitred by the ecomomiost who seconded him to new york for a yera in 1951 where he met von neuann

neumann briefed dad and so economist jouramlsiots on the 2 mots defing questions journalists could ever ask

what to do with 100 time more tech per decade to 2020s

coudl history's muddle of about 200 nations needing uniting be reolved so that wherever th enext girl was born she had a good chnace at life; understanding coastal belt maps as well as vilage development would be crucial by 1962 dad, japan and jf kennedy started debating 2 asia risng models that could just bring equaitable win-win trade to every hemishere -

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