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Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Women Empowerment Financial Inclusion (WEFI)
Youth Health Technology Education (Y-H-TED)

Where can students most economically practice social livelihoods through networks of sister cities?
Interest in connecting any main WEFI YHTED  tours 2015

DC - Boston Haiti Lima Dhaka Glasgow Budapest Geneva  Atlanta  (HTED)

DC Rome, Panama Latin Americas (2015), San Diego San Francisco  Atlanta  (WEFI YTED)

DC Addis Abba Joburg  Nairobi Dhaka Lucknow Boston San Francisco Atlanta (YTED)

DC Hong Kong Tokyo Seoul  Dubai Lucknow Boston Atlanta

Can you help inform our tours social value quest

inspirational mentors sought include friends of women4empowerment fashion4development ,
open education and end poverty tedx millennials empowered by world bank and ticamericas and, partners in publishing world record book of job creation, friend of youth and yunus creative lab Atlanta

social value next big diary event womens entrepreneur day 17 november

Major Sister Cities of World Record Job Creators:
Kim - DC Boston Haiti  Lima Seoul China
Soros Budapest Dhaka  (NY London)
Abed Dhaka Boston Glasgow berkeley
Yunus Dhaka Atlanta 
W4E Dhaka DC Latin Americas San Diego/San Francisco Nairobi with F4D NY with Athgo Rwanda, with ICT Mali
Yazmi DC Addis Abba
Pope Francis Rome DC Argentina, Peru, Chile

Saturday, October 4, 2014

POP as seen by Chile

An MBA, Diploma certificate in Social Business or Social Entrepreneurship a graduate will discuss important issues such as having a more just, fair and humane economic model.  May act in our society, returning values, principles, traditions, actions, customs, ethics that lost its meaning and thus with the hope of millions of people. Like when the schemes were broken in the past, letting us all in uncertainty. When this happens we all have the responsibility to care for it and no one can evade or avoid it, because uncertainty is the cause of all social gaps and jeopardizes the future of coming generations especially in youth, women empowerment, and climate change; This courses could and should make the impossible possible.
In the same manner, people that take the program via e-learning, workshops, certificate, diploma or MBA itself will find equilibrium in our equation:
In our concept, every impulse which has the purpose of uplifting the human race can be represented by an equation that involves bodies well defined: the first, is Faith, the second Hope, composed of men and women, and the other by the scientific and technological material, we must learn to wield for our own good and to all humanity.
The SBS train not only correct interpreters, but also notable creators. We put equal zeal in structuring the first body of the equation, i.e. the intrinsic perfection of our students, so that they have access to traditional instruction, allowing them to break free of what is being dark or obsolete, and become visible all those treasures sleep inside in our minds. In short, we want students of all social conditions where the humble can develop their talents, who can think, be aware of themselves and turn into real and efficient creators by not only deliver mere basic education for them.  Because, the equation goes beyond the traditional teaching.
People should understand cultural variables, history, art, philosophy, sports, philosophical thinking, and cultural values, have faith and more. Also, as the above should be incomprehensible to the common denominator of people. One must understand that principles mean (point of origin), Virtues (making things happen), values (importance is given to things and priorities), moral (views), ethics (standard that applies depending on the moral culture) and vices (defects).
The globalized world requires us to understand and respect the unimaginable in human beings whatever their condition is. Education and labor is not a commodity. Freedom is the highest value of all people and freedom is essential to economic prosperity and social and human development of any society in the world.