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Why not every community be a great place for next girl to be born free? Most of global youth's next 3 billion jobs will come from collaborative action networking of sustainability goals-

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

tour tags
Women Empowerment Financial Inclusion (WEFI)
Youth Health Technology Education (Y-H-TED)

Where can students most economically practice social livelihoods through networks of sister cities?
Interest in connecting any main WEFI YHTED  tours 2015

DC - Boston Haiti Lima Dhaka Glasgow Budapest Geneva  Atlanta  (HTED)

DC Rome, Panama Latin Americas (2015), San Diego San Francisco  Atlanta  (WEFI YTED)

DC Addis Abba Joburg  Nairobi Dhaka Lucknow Boston San Francisco Atlanta (YTED)

DC Hong Kong Tokyo Seoul  Dubai Lucknow Boston Atlanta

Can you help inform our tours social value quest

inspirational mentors sought include friends of women4empowerment fashion4development ,
open education and end poverty tedx millennials empowered by world bank and ticamericas and, partners in publishing world record book of job creation, friend of youth and yunus creative lab Atlanta

social value next big diary event womens entrepreneur day 17 november

Major Sister Cities of World Record Job Creators:
Kim - DC Boston Haiti  Lima Seoul China
Soros Budapest Dhaka  (NY London)
Abed Dhaka Boston Glasgow berkeley
Yunus Dhaka Atlanta 
W4E Dhaka DC Latin Americas San Diego/San Francisco Nairobi with F4D NY with Athgo Rwanda, with ICT Mali
Yazmi DC Addis Abba
Pope Francis Rome DC Argentina, Peru, Chile

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